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Meet the Instructors

Hello, I am AiPing Xiong, the founder and artistic director of APAPA-USA.

APAPA-USA is a professional dance institution specializing in Chinese dance training. Since our establishment in California in 2018, we have been committed to inheriting Chinese culture through the art of dance. We strive to instill confidence and promote the inheritance of Chinese culture in our students through a joyful teaching atmosphere. We hope to provide students with a spiritual enjoyment, temperament improvement, and increased artistic accomplishment through their experiences with Chinese dance.

APAPA-USA offers a variety of dance styles, including Chinese classical dance, folk dance, ballet basics, classical dance basics, technical skills, and flexibility training. Through systematic and professional course arrangements, we provide a space for dance enthusiasts of different levels and ages. Our teachers also arrange personalized teaching courses for students based on their specific situations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on people's daily lives and has accelerated the trend towards online education. Since 2020, APAPA-USA has been the first to offer online courses. Through online classes, each student can continue to dance at home and showcase their skills with their peers and teachers in limited space. The pandemic has also made us reflect on the importance of humility and a willingness to learn. Chinese culture has a long history, and there is no end to the potential of dance artistry.

Finally, thank you for your support over the years. No matter what challenges we face, we will never stop dancing. Each of our teachers is continuously updating their knowledge, improving their teaching, and creating better works. Dance lovers of all ages, levels, and backgrounds are welcome to join us and dance. Let's bloom together at APAPA-USA.

APAPA-USA will always move forward, and we look forward to our lives being as beautiful as dance.





最后,非常感谢大家多年来的支持, 无论遇上怎样的情境,我们不曾停止舞蹈的脚步,每一位老师都在不断更新知识,完善教学并创造更美好的作品。爱舞者不分时间、不分程度、不分年龄,加入我们,跳舞吧 ,在这里绽放。

APAPA-USA 永远前行,期待我们的生活如舞蹈般美丽。

APAPA-USA 创办人&艺术总监 熊艾萍
Founder & Artistic Director - Aiping Xiong

Ms. Xiong graduated from Dance Academy of Minzu University of China and once worked for China Oriental Song & Dance Troupe. Rich in stage performance experience and teaching experience, Ms. Xiong has professionalism in dance teaching. She performed in many large-scale dancing shows as the leading dancer such as “Oriental Love” ,"Footsteps of China" dance drama”, “Nu Wa”and so on. She attended in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening and other large-scale performances

many times. She has attended state visit performances and promoted art exchanges in the US, Japan, Korea, Dubai,North Korea and so on. She performed as leading actress in the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games Closing Ceremony show “Carnival Across the Five Continents”. Then she was invited to join “Dance World” program of CCTV3 and was awarded “the Dancing Star” honor; in 2008, Ms. Xiong was chosen to represent the Han to participate in the 56 Ethnic delegation performance in the 29th Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Beijing. Having learned from the best dancers around the world, Ms. Xiong has rich dancing experience and knowledge reserve in Chinese Folk Dance, Classic Dance, Ballet basics, Modern Dance, technical skills and many other dance styles such as Indian, Korean, Spanish, African and Egyptian. Ms. Xiong has professionalism in dance teaching.She hopes to devote her dance attainments to teaching and helps students improve through rigorous, professional and scientific teaching methods. She will spare no efforts to foster more dance talents with her dedication and love for dance.In 2021, APAPA-USA Team, under the guidance of Mr.  Ai, won the third place in the National Dance Competition and the first place in several regional competitions. In the two years before the new crown epidemic, the APAPA-USA Team successfully held two events for the public and the community's performance.


具备丰富舞台经验与教学经验的小艾老师,曾担任《东方之爱》、《天涯若比邻》、《中国的脚步》舞剧、 《女娲》等多部大型舞蹈专场晚会主演;多次参加中央电视台春节晚会等大型演出;出访美国、日本、韩国、迪拜、朝鲜、等多个国家进行艺术交流和国事访问演出;担任第二届青年奥林匹克运动会闭幕式《五洲欢聚》节目领舞;


曾与国内外著名舞蹈家学习和共事,在中国民族民间舞、古典舞、芭蕾基本功、现代舞、技术技巧课以及国外风格性舞蹈(踢踏、印度、韩国、西班牙、非洲、埃及)等舞种方面积累了丰富的舞蹈知识,业务能力和职业素养突出。希望通过严谨、专业、科学的授课方式将其多年的舞蹈造诣传授给学员,带着对舞蹈的执着与热爱培养更多优秀的舞蹈人才。2021年APAPA-USA Team在小艾老师的指导下,曾获得全美舞蹈比赛第三以及多次区域赛第一的好成绩,并在新冠疫情之前的两年中成功举办了两次面向公众和社区的公演。

APAPA-USA Artistic Consultant & Instructor 
  刘盈 Ying Liu

After graduating from Beijing Dance Academy in classical Chinese dance, Ms. Liu went on to become a principal dancer in China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe. She is the gold medal winner in both “Tao Li Cup”Dance Competition (the most competitive dance competition in China) and Beijing Dance Competition.


Ms. Liu participated in the production of and starred in several large-scale special dance events. As part of international cultural exchanges, she represented China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe in visiting performances in the United States, Sri Lanka Lanka, South Korea, Thailand and other countries. In 2014, the closing ceremony of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Ms. Liu was the lead dancer for the program "World Reunion". In the 10th session of the Chinese Arts Festival, she’s also a lead dancer in the drama "The Li Story". Ms. Liu participated in 2015 Chinese CCTV National Spring Festival Gala performances, and was the lead dancer in many Chinese dance performances. Ms. Liu specializes in Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, ballet, and African dance, Spanish dance, Arabian dance, Indian dance and Korean dance.

毕业于北京舞蹈学院中国古典舞系, 就职于中国东方歌舞团。 她的独舞曾荣获中国舞蹈界最高奖项“桃李杯”舞蹈大赛表演金奖和北京市舞蹈比赛金奖。

参加并多次担任主演过中国东方歌舞团⼤型专场舞蹈晚会。多次代表东方歌舞团出访美国、斯里兰卡、韩国、泰国等国家做文化交流演出。在2014年南京青奥会闭幕式上,担任《五洲欢聚》领舞。在第十届中国艺术节中, 担任舞剧《黎族故事》领衔主演。参加了2015年中央电视台春节联欢晚会演出,并在中国多部舞剧中担任主演。擅长舞种: 中国古典舞、中国民族民间舞、芭蕾舞,以及非洲舞、西班牙舞、阿拉伯舞、印度舞、韩国舞。

APAPA-USA Instructor 
周旨艺  Invited Zhiyi Zhou

毕业于南京艺术学院, 舞蹈编导专业。

Nanjing University of the Arts (Major in Choreography)





APAPA-USA Invited Ballet Instructor 
Lulu Zhang Li 

毕业于 Stockholm Ballet Academy, Sweden.

Académie de Nini Theilade de Lyon, France. 




Classics ballet productions: “Nutcracker”, “La bayadere”, “Don Quixote”, “Grand pas de quatre”, “La sylphide”, “Swan lake”, “Coppelia”, “La dame aux camellias”. 

Musical productions: “L’ amour”, “Among Angels and Demons”, “Wicked Tails”, “champagne and Glamour”. 

Festivals, celebrations and other projects: “World AIDS day gala” Sweden; “Stockholm NY gala”, Sweden; Western Ballet 40, 41years anniversary show, Mountain View performing arts center 25 years anniversary show.

APAPA-USA Invited Instructor 
叶子 Yezi


  • 2001-2007 北京舞蹈学院--附中--芭蕾舞

  • 2007-2011 北京舞蹈学院--本科--舞蹈学

  • 2012-2015 北京舞蹈学院--硕士--舞蹈教育心理学

  • 2015 于圣彼得堡学习瓦岗诺娃教学法及表演课(师从 Irina Kolpakova、Safronova Ludmila 等)


北京舞蹈学院硕士毕业,后赴圣彼得堡学习。参与多项教育部科研项目和国际合作项目,合作出版书籍《舞蹈 鉴赏心理学》《丹麦皇家芭蕾在中国》等。北京国际芭蕾舞暨编舞比赛开幕式中外合作编导,中国校园戏剧 节舞蹈指导等,受邀参加巴西文化月展演、第十一届全国艺术院校高峰论坛与 WDC 世界舞蹈大赛等。叶子老 师具有中国、澳洲及俄罗斯地区的芭蕾、性格舞、当代舞、创意舞蹈教师认证。所教授的学生们在维也纳国 际芭蕾舞及现代舞大赛获三等奖,香港迦南之星国际芭蕾舞比赛中获少年组独舞前五与优秀表演奖、并获得 院校奖学金。


Ms. Ye has got her master's degree from Beijing Dance Academy with scholarship issued by China Scholarship Council, then she studied with the pedagogues of Vaganova Ballet Academy

in St. Petersburg. Ms. Ye has also achieved many national education science research programs, international collaborative project with Royal Danish Ballet and published books such as “Dance Psychology” “Royal Danish Ballet in China” “Dancing Issues in Quality Oriented Education” etc. She’s not only a member of judging panel and organization committee, but also a

choreographer in amount of dance competition and Arts event. As the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, China Campus Theatre Festival etc. Ms. Ye is proficient in varieties of ballet pedagogics, character dance, contemporary dance and was certificated by Beijing Dance Academy, The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance. She has several years of Experience instructing students of all ages and is extremely passionate about her

work. Under Ms. Ye' s instruction, her students have won bronze award at the International

Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition - Ballet Grand Prix Vienna, and Top 5 awards and scholarships at Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition.

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