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About US 

APAPA-USA was founded in 2018 and is a professional dance training institution located in Mountain View, California, USA. Our teaching team consists of experi- enced professional dancers and dance educators, who have accumulated profes- sional abilities and broad artistic visions through years of learning, performing, and teaching. They have unique insights and practices in dance art and teaching, and are passionate about the inheritance of Chinese culture and art overseas.

Our dance education includes Chinese classical dance, Chinese ethnic folk

dance, ballet, modern dance, and various styles of dance. Our mission is to inspire students’ artistic potential and performance by providing high-quality dance edu- cation and performance opportunities, and help them achieve success in the art


Our curriculum is flexible and diverse, and can provide students with appropri- ate courses and challenges according to their different ages and skill levels, help- ing them to continuously improve their personal skills, creativity, and performance. We focus on cultivating students’ confidence and team spirit, enabling them to achieve comprehensive growth in dance learning.

We believe that everyone has the desire and ability to express themselves, and

dance is a unique and beautiful way to do so. We will continue to provide students with the best dance training and performance opportunities, help them showcase

their talents and charm on stage, and contribute to the development of dance art.

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Meet The Team

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